Go Construct – Experience was an experiential learning project funded by CITB.  Its aims were to change the perception of construction to primary school pupils and to inform and educate teachers about the exciting technical and professional careers available in our ever-evolving and innovative industry.

With the involvement of several industry partners, the project was also able to provide insight into innovative projects that have been delivered by them.

To introduce children to the different technical/professional roles in our industry Aspire2Be led a series of Construction Minecraft Clubs across schools in Wales using Microsoft’s popular Minecraft programme.  This was used to demonstrate the different roles involved in constructing a building i.e. project manager, architect, quantity surveyor etc.  Pupils were assigned these roles following a workshop which explored each role.  The task was to construct a building in a set time using a team approach in a given time.  The task was instrumental in helping to develop children’s digital competence, literacy, and numeracy skills.

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