go construct experience apply hereGo Construct – Experience is a 3-year CITB funded experiential learning project led by WRW Construction.

The project aims to provide core knowledge of the careers and responsibilities of those working within technical and professional careers in the Construction Industry and insight into innovative projects that have been delivered by leading construction companies across Wales and the UK.

The project also aims not only to seek to change the perception of construction to students but also strives to inform and educate teachers of the exciting careers within an ever-evolving and innovative industry.

This project utilises many innovative delivery methods to further enhance the provision; these are the use of Minecraft, Immersive Technologies and Mobile and Fixed Delivery Hubs that are stocked with the latest industry specification equipment required to complete the projects and enrich the experience of the learners.

A sustainable school-college-employer network will be established across Wales and set of physical and virtual resources will be developed that will be available through mobile roadshows and will specifically address three principal target groups:

  • Primary School pupils will be introduced to the concept of careers in construction by using Microsoft’s popular Minecraft programme, in addition, this it will help to develop their skills in digital competence, literacy and numeracy. We will also support the setting up of Construction Minecraft clubs;
  • Secondary School pupils at Key Stage 3 will receive an innovative experiential learning programme delivered at L3 and based on a condensed form of the RIBA- stage evolution of a Built Environment Construction project;
  • Post-16 students at Key Stage 5 and above will also benefit from the experiential learning programme. The programme will be based on a condensed form of the RIBA- stage evolution of a Built Environment Construction project.  This will be tailored to their level of learning and level of technical knowledge.

CWIC will provide overall project management for this three-year programme that commenced in November 2018. The project is structured as follows:

  • Primary School Strand;
  • Key Stage 3 Secondary Strand;
  • Key Stage 5 (Post 16) Strand;
  • Fixed Experiential Learning Suites;
  • Pan – GB Series of Experiential Learning Roadshows.

The outcomes for the Primary School Strand will be addressed with Construction focussed Minecraft Clubs’ led by Aspire 2Be.

The outcomes for the Secondary and Tertiary Strands will be addressed through RIBA focused experiential learning sessions:

  • Construction Design;
  • Quantity Surveying;
  • Building Survey and Set-Out;
  • Construction Management;
  • Construction Team Task.


  • The project seeks to change the perception of construction to school and college pupils/students.
  • Strives to inform and educate teachers/lecturers of the exciting careers within an ever evolving and innovative industry;
  • Closer engagement between the Construction industry and Primary, Secondary and Post-16 education;
  • The learners would use digital Construction software such as AutoCAD and REVIT to read and interpret drawings, industry specific costing software to create working cost spreadsheets, and they will use industry standard and highly innovative equipment to Measure, Set out and Survey Buildings;
  • Make use of an Immersive BIM Viewer and Virtual Reality Headsets to complete tasks;
  • Promote Construction as a career and the pathways available.


  • WRW Construction Ltd.
  • Construction Wales Innovation Centre (CWIC).
  • Aspire2Be (The Learning Technology Company).
  • Coleg Cambria.
  • Wynne Construction.
  • Read Construction.
  • Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB)

For further information please contact Sheila Holmes, Project Co-ordinator

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