CWIC has partnered with the Construction Scotland Innovation Centre (CSIC) and others for the purpose of securing CITB funding to train the next generation of off-site construction workers. The overall aim is to train new or retrain existing workers in new skills to meet the growing market for modern methods of construction across Great Britain.

  • The project will create an offsite competency framework that will be used to inform the development of materials.
  • Content will be developed in line with the framework and will cover the subject areas identified by the commission.  In addition, it will develop a unit on ‘follow-on upstream trades’.
  • Training will be blended trainer-led with online resources.
  • Content will be modular and accredited, to be purposed for a wide range of uses and mapped to relevant L2-7 qualifications and standards.
  • Guidance will be developed to help trainers contextualize modules to their particular subject
  • The project will develop behavioural skills as well as knowledge through experiential learning that includes classroom enrichment, immersive and real-world experiences, as well as a sustainable network of experts to share knowledge, maintain and support the products.
  • Up to 600 trainers will be upskilled in the materials across three nations, alongside an outreach programme in secondary schools and with teachers.
  • Sustainability will be achieved by hosting on a bespoke, freely accessible online platform, in a format compatible with other platforms so resources can be freely downloaded and shared.
  • Trainers will be certificated once upskilled to deliver the content.
  • CWIC has been involved in the project’s development and along with its pan-Wales partners (Spokes) will be delivering this agenda throughout Wales as soon as we are able to.
    Meanwhile please visit the new resources available through the Offsite Ready website.

For further information about plans for Wales please contact, Project Director at Construction Wales Innovation Centre. See Case Studies link below and our recent visit to Wernick Group.

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