Construction Virtual Environment Resource Training (CONVERT) was a two-year national project funded by the Construction Industry Training Board.

The project used virtual and augmented reality to deliver immersive learning experiences that mimic real situations in construction.

Over 1,700 students from further and higher education alongside secondary school students pursuing a career in the construction industry benefited from learning experiences that used virtual reality.  See final report opposite.


CONVERT’s aims were to:

  • Provide new learning opportunities to +2,440 further and higher education students studying construction-related subjects
  • Reduce error, accident, time and costs through the targeted use of immersive learning in education and the workplace
  • Provide employers with cost-effective, scalable training that enhances safety and productivity
  • Provide a more engaging way of learning about construction that’s safe
  • Enhance the appeal of the industry to new learners

CONVERT was delivered in two phases.  During the first phase 3 distinctive software programmes were designed by industry;

Virtual Built Environment Element Explorer (VBEEE) created by BE-ST (formerly known as Construction Scotland Innovation Centre);

Drone Surveying for Construction created by Kier Construction

Working at Height & Scaffolding created by Altrad UK.

The second phase of CONVERT was a training delivery programme which took place across the UK via our partners Coleg Cambria, City College Plymouth, ESP Scotland, London Academy of Sustainable Construction and Leeds College of Building.

Our video summarises CONVERT in 1.14 secs!

We have a range of immersive learning resources available for loan. Please click on the icon for details.

CONVERT Report Front Page

Available for hire

CONVERT equipment is available to anyone in further and higher education who would like to use it as part of their curriculum.
Please complete the form below and we’ll ensure the appropriate partner contacts you.

Tunnelling Skills Experience

In addition to the above immersive resources, we also have available a programme Tunnelling Skills which enables learners to go underground safely!

It includes the following 4 applications;

Shaft & Tunnel Construction
Insights in Tunnelling – Past & Present
Accessing the Shafts & Tunnels – Augmented Reality scenario
What to do in an emergency – Augmented Reality scenario

For further information on the Tunnelling Skills experience visit their videos.

Benefits of Using VR in Construction Training

The Construction Industry Training Board’s (CITB) “A New Reality: Immersive Learning in Construction” Report highlights that modernising the construction industry is critical to its survival, and that embracing immersive tech is key to the future of skills development and talent retention within the sector. Immersive technologies, such as virtual reality have the potential to revolutionise training, and the benefits of integrating VR into training programmes offer a solid business case to those considering making the move.

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