The project aims to provide a set of resources and develop an Industry-Higher Education (HE) partnership initiatives as a response to the CITB’s call for commissioned Employer-HE collaboration. It will:

  • Identify and promote current and new high-value job roles in an increasingly multidisciplinary construction industry;
  • Demonstrate modern methods of design, planning, management and construction;
  • Provide contextualized learning through immersive and experiential learning opportunities to improve accessibility to practical learning.

A sustainable Employer-HE network will be established in two regions – Wales and Yorkshire – to establish best practice in collaborative partnerships.

A set of physical and virtual resources will be developed that will specifically address three principal target groups:

  • Level III school/college -leavers interested, for example, in a digitally literate career or leadership and management skills;
  • Existing employees within the Construction sector who have the enthusiasm and propensity to achieve higher skills and knowledge, but lack confidence and access to flexible HE learning modes;
  • Graduates/Higher Diplomates from apparently non-cognate disciplines, who, with a retraining programme, could be effective contributors in areas such as logistics and project management.

The CPD and other training material will be evidence based. The project will also design, develop and deliver a series of case studies that promote the cross disciplinary nature of the Construction sector.


  • A flexible learning mode with a blended learning combination of virtual/immersive learning materials that support continuing professional development (CPD);
  • A learning environment that understands and supports more vocationally-orientated learners;
  • Up-skilling of existing employees within the Construction sector;
  • Retraining programme for graduates/higher diplomates from apparently non-cognate disciplines;
  • Closer engagement between the Construction industry and higher education (HE).

For further information please contact, Project Manager.

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